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We offer all basic piercings as well as dermals (surface piercings).

Please contact the shop for any inquiries.

Piercing Aftercare Instructions


Frequently asked questions:


Q:   What do I need to get pierced?

A:   A state issued ID or drivers license OR a passport OR a school ID & Birth Certificate.


Q:   How old do I need to be to get a piercing?  

A:   18+ unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Q:   What do I need to bring if I am a minor?  

A:   Your parent or guardian will need to bring their state-issued ID or drivers license.  You will need to bring your state 

      issued ID or drivers license.  If you do not have a ID/license, you will need to bring a school ID and birth certificate.  If you         are not the parent but you do have legal custody of the minor, you will need to bring guardianship paperwork that you               were provided by the court.


Q:   Can a relative sign for me?  

A:   No, only a parent or legal guardian can sign for you.


Q:   How much is a piercing?  

A:   Most piercings are $50, some are more depending on the piercing, the location, and difficulty.

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