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Gary Dressler

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Coming from a family of other artists, I have always drawn as long 

as I can remember, I grew up drawing my favorite comics & cartoons.

I later became really interested in doing that as a career but at the time 

it was a harder industry to break into not living in CA or NY.  I got 

pushed into tattooing in 2010. I’ve now been tattooing over a decade.

I love tattooing anything nerdy or pop culture. Some of my favorite things

to tattoo are realism, anime, videogames, pinups.  


Gary likes doing a variety of different styles of tattooing from new school, realism, neo-traditional, watercolor/abstract, and dotwork/sacred-geometry. He likes doing a wide variety of projects so take a look at my portfolio and message us if you have any questions.


Scroll down to see some examples of Gary's work.

Gary is in the shop Friday - Tuesday, 12 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Please call/message ahead for scheduling.

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