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custom tooth gems gold 14k Swarovski

What is a Tooth Gem?
Tooth gems are small gems, or metal figures attached to the teeth using dentistry glue.  We use only Swarovski Crystal gems and have a variety of gold, silver, and rose gold shapes also.
How much do they cost?
Tooth Gems cost $50 for one, $80 for two, & custom pricing is available for additional gems and designs.  We only use Swarovski Crystals & gold pieces.

How are they applied?
Tooth gems are applied using professional dentistry adhesive, the same way an orthodontic bracket is attached to the teeth.

How long do they last?
Most tooth gems will fall off naturally from six weeks to a year, although they can last years and years.  If they happen to fall off we can replace them free within the first 48hrs, since there are many factors that effect an individuals amount of wear we do not guarantee them for longer, but we do offer resetting them for a lower fee, however we are not responsible for changing of personal preferences (i.e. size, location, color)
How do I remove a Tooth Gem?
If you do not want your tooth gem anymore, you can usually just pick them off. Normal brushing will get rid of any excess glue, or the backing of the gem.
Will a tooth gem harm my teeth?
No, the jewel is bonded to the teeth the same way an orthodonic bracket is applied. The procedure and removal are the same processes.  When removed it will simply pop off and polishing or brushing will remove any remaning bonding material.
Can I brush my teeth as normal? Do I still need to have them cleaned by the dentist?
Yes, it is recommended. Do not use an electric toothbrush or ultrasonic toothbrush 24 hours after the jewel is applied. Brush as normal, because a tooth gem does offer an extra place for food or bacteria to hide. Proper dental care will ensure you have no issues.
Are your crystals Lead-free? 
Yes, beware of other tooth gem providers, as lead does pose a health risk.  We only use Swarovski Crystals which are lead free or true metal gems such as gold, white gold, silver, etc.

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